APPW_Init() Question

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    • APPW_Init() Question

      I am in the process of setting up emWin to run AppWizard project on a custom board target (custom bsp) with NXP MK22FX512AVLQ12 MCU.
      There appears to be a library call "APPW_Init()" that is found in APPMainTask.c for most BSP examples that use emWin 6.10f along with AppWizard:

      C Source Code

      1. void MainTask(void) {
      2. //
      3. // Setup configuration dependent pointers
      4. //
      5. APPW_X_Setup();
      6. //
      7. // Initialize AppWizard
      8. //
      10. //
      11. // Create initial screen...
      12. //
      14. ...
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      Is the APPW_Init() call needed when compiling code in my custom board target project?
      What happens if APPW_Init() is commented out (or not used)?

      Not exactly sure, but what files from "APPW_PROJECT_PATH" are accessed when App_Init() is called?
    • Hi,

      the APPW_PROJECT_PATH define is only used when running the application in the simulation. On a target, you may call APPW_Init("") instead.

      The call of APPW_Init() is definitely necessary though, it initializes emWin and some of emWins features. So it is as much necessary as a GUI_Init() in a normal emWin application.

      Best regards,