[SOLVED] Missing JLinkGDBServer for obsoleted XMOS board also containing an ARM core

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  • [SOLVED] Missing JLinkGDBServer for obsoleted XMOS board also containing an ARM core

    I am not able to download a binary USB / J-Link driver for the ARM® Cortex®-M3 core on the xCORE-XA Code Module board. (Discontinued EOL Nov2016). The processor there also has 8 xCORE logical cores, where I am indeed able to do all except flash the code.

    XMOS has explained that I for the ARM part need the JLinkGDBServer [1] (page 239, 242 - I use macOS). However, I don't know where to find JLinkGDBServer.

    Here is my ioreg:


    1. bash-3.2$ ioreg -p IOUSB
    2. +-o Root <class IORegistryEntry, id 0x100000100, retain 15>
    3. +-o AppleUSBXHCI Root Hub Simulation@14000000 <class AppleUSBRootHubDevice, id 0x10000032a, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (17 ms), retain 13>
    4. +-o ... several, like Keyboard
    5. +-o USB2.0 Hub@14200000 <class AppleUSBDevice, id 0x1000074bd, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (6 ms), retain 13>
    6. +-o J-Link@14230000 <class AppleUSBDevice, id 0x1000074d9, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (16 ms), retain 11>
    7. +-o XMOS XTAG-PRO@14220000 <class AppleUSBDevice, id 0x100007507, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (36 ms), retain 17>
    I have written down everything I know about this in a blog note, that I actually started just over this week-end with the purpose of having it as a background here [2]. (There is a table of contents at the top)

    Disclaimer: I might have more than one problem, but I assume it's good practice to resolve those that I have managed to identify first.

    Øyvind Teig

    [1] xTIMEcomposer User Guide by XMOS
    [2] My processor to analogue audio equaliser notes (disclaimer: no money, no ads, no gifts, just fun and expenses, here)

    Update: I have now downloaded and started JLinkGDBServer.app or SEGGER J-Link V6.80a. It will see the ARM's link and say: "A new firmware version is available for the connected emulator- Do you want to update to the lastest firmware version? ". I have not dared to do it yet. Should I? I also have found a ref to the XMOS processor [3]. There is s reference in there to Silicon Labs. I searched for it since XMOS is not in the manufacturer's list in the SEGGER app. When I tried to set it to a Silicon Labs core I got this message from the app: "The connected J-Link (S/N 660003200) has been designed to work with devices made by XMOS only. Debugging the selected device EFM32GG230F1024 is not supported by this J-Link." So, SEGGER has som XMOS knowledge in there some place, but it's not taken out to the app's manufacturer's list. Why not?

    I guess I now know more, but I still would need advice, since I feel just as stuck. There is still no response on ./JLinkGDBServer -if SWD, meaning there is no JLinkGDBServer running. I guess that would be the goal. As mentioned, I do not need to debug any code for the ARM core, I just would like to download the example code. And then I would like the XMOS xflash tool not causing that show stopper. But who knows about the future.

    The details are all in my blog note at [2]. I wanted to update here as well, since this thread should have a complete life outside of my blog world. But if there is no response here then I assume it's no use in just mirroring my own note here. But I desperately need a helping brain.

    [3] XS1-XAU8A-10-FB265 Datasheet
    Øyvind Teig
    Trondheim, Norway
    Home page / blog

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  • Hi Øyvind,
    Sorry for the delay in response.

    The J-Link you are using is an on board J-Link, and therefore support can only be provided by XMOS.

    SEGGER J-Link never officially supported any XMOS device.

    Best regards,
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