[SOLVED] Method to insert #define(s) into project configuration

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  • [SOLVED] Method to insert #define(s) into project configuration


    Is there a means to create define type header inserts via the config?

    I ask because I've developed for a NRF52832 but need to target a NRF52810 with less memory. To do so I need to turn various options from the NRF SDK off such as LOG_ENABLED. To do so I've created a third option alongside 'release' and 'debug' and I'm wondering how to differentiate. I tried in the preprocessor but had no joy.


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  • Hello Andrew,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Generally when moving from one target device to another we recommend setting a project up from scratch to avoid "forgetting" something when moving from one target to another.

    Anyhow the approach you chose should be working. In project settings you can pick if you want to set certain settings for private or public configurations.
    I assume your new public configuration also inherits its settings from the private Common configuration. So make sure this option is not already defined in the Common configuration as you can't override this by redefining it in the public configuration.

    Best regards,
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