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    • SEGGER Evaluation Software


      My project try to test with SEGGER Evaluation Software and J-Trace Pro. The board I used is TWR-K64F120M. Although K64F is supported as the link shown, it only provides limited libs. The emPower board, which use the core NXP Kinetis K66 MCU, provides more libs as the link shown.

      Could you please provide SEGGER Evaluation Software as much as emPower for TWR-K64F120M?

      Thanks :)
    • Hello SilentDawn,

      thanks for your inquiry.
      The libs for the K66 and the K64F are identical (both Cortex-M), but board specific configuration (e.g. for emUSB) is distinct.

      We will update the K64F eval software package in the future.
      Are you missing a specific product (like emSecure, emCompress, emUSB, ..) or do you intend to to evaluate the complete SEGGER lineup?

      Best regards,
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