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    • Disbale Windows Manager


      I am using the touch calibrate sample emWin has provided. It works perfectly fine the first time I call touchCalibrate function. Once the touch is calibrated, I use Windows Manager to create a window with couple buttons.
      When a button on this screen is touched, I would like to calibrate the touchscreen again. So I am trying to use the same touchCalibrate function I used before, except now that I have a window dialog, things have to be rearranged to work with a window.

      Question: Is there a way to disable windows manager and be able to enable it once the touchscreen calibration is completed?

      Any help is really appreciated.

      Thanks and regards,
    • Hi,

      you can activate/deactivate the Window Manager using WM_Activate() and WM_Deactivate(). However, this is not a very elegant solution.

      It would be best to do the calibration in a separate window that has the size of the screen. In the attachments you find a modified version of the sample that uses the Window Manager.

      Best regards,