[SOLVED] unable to flash/convert my ST-Link V2 to J-Link on my ST NUCLEO-446RE board

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  • [SOLVED] unable to flash/convert my ST-Link V2 to J-Link on my ST NUCLEO-446RE board

    HI All ,

    I have been trying to flash the STLink-V2 to J-Link on the NUCLEO_446RE board by using all <STLinkReflash.exe>.

    My PC runs on Windows 10. I have both USB SW and Jlink installed .

    However I see the following error repeatedly "
    Preparing for FW update (can take up to 10 seconds)...ERROR: Cannot find an ST-LINK, multiple ST-LINKs plugged in, or ST-LINK is in use"

    Any help in this regard will be appreciated.
    Best regards\ Subhendu
  • Hello ,
    I have got it resolved .Just for benefit for anyone having the same issue . It may be because of an Old ST-Link V2 firmware on the board ( Please be mindful that STLinkReflash.exe works on handful of ST boards )

    Download and use the "STM32 ST-Link UTILITY" from ST in addition to most recent USB drivers like "en.stsw-link009" . Update the USB driver from "en.stsw-link009" , then use the ""STM32 ST-Link UTILITY" for a full system erase . Then update the ST-Link V2 firmware using the utility . :)
  • Hi Subhendu,
    Good to hear that you are up and running again.
    Thank you for sharing this information with the community.

    We will consider this thread as closed now.

    Best regards,
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