SWO incorrect decoding

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    • SWO incorrect decoding


      Hi there,

      I am using ITM to generate some information about software execution. Using Jlink SDK, everything works pretty well except that occasionally some packets are incorrectly decoded, resulting wrong data or unknown packets. It turned out the problem is not caused by the bandwidth limit, because when I decreased the SWO frequency (obtained from the compatible list), it works equally fine. I also make sure that the target ITM buffer is available before sending any ITM data. So overflow should not be possible (and no overflow packets was detected either).

      What are possible reasons for this? And is there any solutions? Thanks!
    • New

      I found nowhere talking about parity checking in the SWO protocol. Also, I ran the swostability unity shipped with JLink Commander and it encountered numerous errors too. So I suppose it will just happen and no straightforward solutions here?