Display backspace symbol on Button

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    • Display backspace symbol on Button


      I wanted to display back space symbol on a button. The unicode hex is 232b.
      How do i set the button text with back space symbol?

      I tried setting the string to "\x232b" but get a compile error "too big for character"



    • Hi,

      there are a few things to obey when displaying non-ASCII characters.

      1. You have to enable UTF-8 support by calling GUI_UC_SetEncodeUTF8().
      2. The character you want to display must be in the font you are using.
      3. The characters in the string must be UTF-8 encoded. You can use this tool to encode the string.

      Note that the character \x232b exceeds the size of an 8-bit char. The character encoded in UTF-8 you have to use is: \xe2\x8c\xab.

      Best regards,