WM_NOTIFY_PARENT does not work for Listbox!

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    • WM_NOTIFY_PARENT does not work for Listbox!

      I'm working on a Window that contains a Listbox and some buttons. When I touch Listbox's area, it just sends WM_TOUCH_CHILD into the Callback and it does not send WM_NOTIFY_PARENT. Why?
      Although, if I have a Listview after a touch it goes me through to Callback with WM_TOUCH_CHILD, WM_NOTIFY_PARENT and WM_NOTIFICATION_CLICKED that I can get what happened.
    • Hi,

      WM_TOUCH_CHILD messages are sent to the parent window, if a child window has received touch input. WM_NOTIFY_PARENT messages are also sent from the child window to the parent.

      I tested this and after I changed the LISTBOX's selection, the parent window received three WM_NOTIFY_PARENT messages (for WM_NOTIFICATION_CLICKED, WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED and WM_NOTIFICATION_SEL_CHANGED). You can find the sample I used for testing here.

      Best regards,