[SOLVED] nrfConnect Zephyr , bug with add files and Cmake

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  • [SOLVED] nrfConnect Zephyr , bug with add files and Cmake

    Hi all,
    I have really strange behavior with Sesgger SES. I'm working on Linux Kubuntu lastest version.
    Segger version is :
    SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM
    Release 4.52 Build 2020033100.41808
    Linux x64

    After installing all the tool i can build ,debug ,program with my nrf52833 DK ,no problem.
    I'm using the blinky example of latest ncs sdk from zephy folder.

    But When i want to follow this tutorial:
    Problem 1: CMake List:
    Unlike to the tutorial, option to manage CmakeList are not present.


    Problem 2 : Add new files:
    I can't add files, and moreover, sometimes the add new files is there sometimes not, just by clikcing right several times on project folder.
    I've never succeed in adding a folder too.

    Segger check for updates propose v4.52 b , but when i dowsnload it, there no OPen nRf connect anymore, i guess it is because SES with Nordic is not the same software...
    Am I the own to have this kind of issue please ?
    Thank you very much cause i'm really stuck here.

    Here you can see instalbility of the issue:

  • Hi,

    I have found interesting cause, it seems to comes from the fact that build.emproject that is created from the nrfCOnnect project set automatically can_modify_solution to No/

    <import can_modify_solution="No" file_name="build.emProject"/>

    When i change it i can see the option appear by clicking right.

    How to change it to have automatically this option to yes please ?

    Concerning CmakeList management by right click i don't know yet, but what is sur is that project in nrf/sample/bluetooth/peripheral_hids_mouse has no problem but the other don't allow me to have the thre option to add or remove to Cmakelist with the IDE.
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    The reported issues seem to be related to the Nordic version of Embedded Studio only. Please note that the additional features of that version are created and maintained/supported through Nordic and not SEGGER. So we recommend to contact Nordic support in that regard.

    Regarding the download suggestion of new Embedded Studio versions, this will only download the standard Embedded Studio version. To get the latest Nordic version of Embedded Studio we recommend following the guides from Nordic.

    Best regards,
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