[SOLVED] Does J-Link(J-Flash) support Cypress MCU:S6J326CLSP

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  • [SOLVED] Does J-Link(J-Flash) support Cypress MCU:S6J326CLSP

    We want to program a target board with Cypress MCU:S6J326CLSP (Traveo Family S6J3200 Series) for internal and external flash via J-Link PLUS,
    but there is no matched device type for this MCU in J-Flash MCU setting dialog.
    So we select the most similar MCU type:S6J326CLSA to have a try.

    Actually, we can connect to target board successfully, but when doing program,it's finished soon within 1 second.
    Although the screen prompts that it is successful, but we can find follow NG trace log like "2162688 bytes could not be programmed.".
    So we think that the program is not really successed.

    - Connected successfully
    Programming and verifying target (2162688 bytes, 1 range) ...
    - Checking if selected data fits into selected flash sectors.
    - 2162688 bytes could not be programmed.
    - Target programmed and verified successfully (CRC = 0x00000000) - Completed after 0.069 sec

    Could you help to confirm that whether Cypress MCU:S6J326CLSP is supported by J-Link?
    If it is supported, we also want to confirm whether Cypress(Spansion) Flash device:S25FL512S is supported,
    because the Cypress MCU:S6J326CLSP have SPI Flash device:S25FL512S,
    we also can't select this device type in Flash setting dialog.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you very much and Best Regards,