[SOLVED] Option Load Additional Project

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  • [SOLVED] Option Load Additional Project


    if i add the option "Load Additional Project" and select eg. Blinky application this project will also loaded int flash memory if i start debugging.
    This time i am developing an bootloader and it is very usefull that i can debug/set breakpoints inside both applications, this works very well, with the option!!

    But is it possible that i set breakpoints and debug the blinky application if i dont have the option "Load Additional Project"?
    When i do not have the option "Load Additional Project" activated i can debug my bootloader, but if i branch into the blinky app i only see the Dissasembly is there a way to connect to the source of Blinky?
    That i can set breakpoints use F10/F11 inside my Blinky.c und do not must debug inside assembly?

    Best Regards
  • Hello Markus,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    If I understand you correctly you want to debug the application standalone without having to load the bootloader project. Is that correct?
    The bootloader also must execute otherwise the application will not run, correct?
    In that case first make sure that the bootloader was flashed. You can do this in the blinky project in option "Additional load file" where you set the bootloader hex file so you make sure the bootloader is always flashed.
    After that set the project option "Start from Entry Point Symbol" to No. That way ES will let the target execute the bootloader application first and halt at your blinky main() (on default settings).

    Now everything should be working as expected. Can you confirm?

    Best regards,
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