GRAPH_DATA_YT_AddValue questions

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    • GRAPH_DATA_YT_AddValue questions

      I would like to use GRAPH widget to show the waveform.
      GRAPH_DATA_YT_AddValue function can only add one value into GRAPH_DATA_Handle,
      is there any methold to update the whole date array? I can use the following code to initial data array,
      and attach them to GRAPH_DATA_Handle, but when I change the content of data after then, the Graph are not change accordingly.
      My quetions is how to update the whole data array and let Graph change accordingly.
      Thanks for your support.

      static I16 data[600];
      for(int i=0;i<600;i++)
      Graphdata = GRAPH_DATA_YT_Create(GUI_RED, 600, data, 600);
      GRAPH_AttachData(hItem, Graphdata);
    • Hi,

      currently there is no GRAPH_DATA routine to update the array. You have to clear the old data handle, create a new one and attach it.

      C Source Code

      1. if (hData) {
      2. GRAPH_DATA_YT_Clear(hData);
      3. }
      4. hData = GRAPH_DATA_YT_Create(GUI_RED, 100, aData, 100);
      5. GRAPH_AttachData(hGraph, hData);

      Also, to actually fill the array with values, you have to index the array. Like this:

      C Source Code

      1. aData[i] = 123;
      Best regards,