SystemView Module Register Module doesn't work

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    • SystemView Module Register Module doesn't work


      I'm running the newest version of SystemView and using the JLink on the nrf52840 DK with NoOS. My source code is below, SystemView doesn't recognize the testFunc function(it's called function #512 in the screenshot). My host OS is Fedora 32 and I'm using the RTT source code included with nrf52 SDK. Another odd thing that I noticed is that once I created a file called SYSVIEW_testModule.txt in ~/.config/SEGGER and the function is recognized but only if a blank line is at the end of the file.

      Source Code

      1. SEGGER_SYSVIEW_MODULE testModule{
      2. .sModule = "M=testModule,0 testFunc some_num=%u",
      3. .NumEvents = 1,
      4. };
      5. void testFunc() { SEGGER_SYSVIEW_RecordU32(0 + testModule.EventOffset, 5); }
      6. int main(void) {
      7. SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Conf();
      8. SEGGER_SYSVIEW_RegisterModule(&testModule);
      9. }
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