[SOLVED] Embedded Studio non commercial licence

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  • [SOLVED] Embedded Studio non commercial licence

    At the moment I am a non commercial user. I like the modifications Segger has done with Embedded Studio over Cross Works and prefer it over Eclipse. I am hesitant to use it full time because the free license could be revoked at any time in the future. Personally, I would be prepared to spend some money to get a nag screen free non commercial license or a bundle with J-Link. Are there any such considerations in the future?
  • Hello Hans,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Embedded Studio and most of our other debug software falls under the SEGGER Friendly Licensing (SFL) conditions:

    Our long term plans are to stay with that licensing model. But I understand your skepticism, to that I can add that any software already released under the SFL will always be usable under these conditions as we are generally not rereleasing old software. So e.g. if you have set up a project with the current Embedded Studio V4.52b you will always be able to use that software version for free for private or educational purposes.

    Currently there are no nag-screen free versions planned for non-commercial versions. It is ~1300€ worth software (if you count in the J-Link Base that would be needed) that is given out for free here so we think having to deal with a nag screen once per session is a fair deal ;)

    By the way, should you be working (or planning to do so) with Nordic Semiconductor target devices you can even get a free commercial license which also removes that nag screen:

    Best regards,
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