Add user defined character in the font

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    • Add user defined character in the font


      I wanted to add user defined characters in the existing font. If this is possible then is there any specific user space available to add and assign unicode to that character?

    • Hi,

      you can add custom characters to a font. There are many unicode areas that are unassigned (e.g. 0x700-0x8FF), so you can freely add any custom characters to these areas.

      The best way would probably to do this in a dedicated font editor program, but it is possible using the Font Converter.

      You can manipulate the character bitmap using the Font Converter by inserting/deleting rows/column using the buttons above and by right-clicking the pixels to set a shade of gray. The manual provides more detailed usage on how to use the Font Converter.

      A free demo version of the Font Converter is available on our website. The demo version has no limitations in functionality, but is only allowed for non-commercial use.

      Best regards,