How might I use PAN/ZOOM on a window with controls like sliders

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    • How might I use PAN/ZOOM on a window with controls like sliders

      I have successfully implemented multi-touch. now I am curious how one can have some elements of gestures working on windows that have controls like sliders, etc. The Pan takes over any sliding movement so one can no longer drag slider thumbs. I have never used this feature yet so I am just asking in case there is a something I am missing.

      Thank you.
    • Hi,

      the manual describes how gesture support can be implemented for windows under MultiTouch support -> Window animation.

      I have also attached a sample for you that demonstrates this. You should take a look at the _cbGestures() callback. When multi-touch and gesture support is enabled and a window has the WM_CF_GESTURE and WM_CF_ZOOM flags, it will receive WM_GESTURE messages. The message can be processed to react on the different gestures.

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    • If I may, I've dropped your code into my project but the call to GUI_ExecCreatedDialog() in _DoMenu() never returns. My project is a FreeRTOS based project so maybe it has to do with the other call to GUI_Delay() in the UI Thread? Does that make sense?

      Oh.. I think I see. .It doesn't return until the dialog is closed. So I must not be getting touches to it. I am submitting touch events in another thread.

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