[ABANDONED] SD card doesn't work well after FS_Deinit() is called

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    • [ABANDONED] SD card doesn't work well after FS_Deinit() is called


      I am using emfile to read pictures from SD card. I have a certain function working this way:
      1. Initialization of hardware.
      2. Display of a window.
      3. When the powder button is pressed, I Unmount and deinit before powering down.
      4. When I try to power back up, I initialize file system using FS_Init().

      Problem: All other Images are not being displayed anymore except for the first image on the SD card. Looks like the initialization after waking up from powder down doesn't seem to be working well. Has anyone come across this problem before?

      Also, I read on emfile document about an API called FS_AddOnExitHandler(). Do I have to use this during initialization?

      Appreciate any help.

      Thanks and regards,
    • Hi,

      as mentioned in your other thread, this is a forum section dedicated to emWin. Please use the emFile forum for threads regarding emFile.

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