Cannot connect to "Existing Session" in J-Link RTT Viewer V6.48a on Ubuntu 18.04

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    • Cannot connect to "Existing Session" in J-Link RTT Viewer V6.48a on Ubuntu 18.04

      Setup: J-Link RTT Viewer V6.48a on Ubuntu 18.04 for my STM32F302CC using J-Link Mini EDU.

      I have been making reliable connections using USB mode and reading messages printed by SEGGER_RTT_printf. However, when I am debugging using CLion/OpenOCD and try to use "Existing Session", it just loads forever without a successful connection.

      Edit: I tried it with the newest V6.72a and I observe the same behaviour.

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    • Hi,
      Thank you for your inquiry.

      When using the J-Link in connection with OpenOCD, there is no session the RTT Viewer can hook up to, because no J-Link DLL instance exists.

      For this to work you will have to use the GDB feature of CLion.
      This is also highly recommended, because OpenOCD is much slower then the native J-Link implementation of the J-Link DLL.

      A how to guide for the use of CLion with J-Link is already planned and will be added in the next couple of days.

      I will come back to you when it is created.

      Best regards,
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