[SOLVED] Recorder Configuration Dialog - Minor GUI bugs

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  • [SOLVED] Recorder Configuration Dialog - Minor GUI bugs

    SystemView 3.12, STM32H743ZI with FreeRTOS

    .. hard to describe:

    1) When opening the Recorder Configuration Dialog, and have a IP Connection configured, the Dialog shows "Serial Number" instead of "IP or Nickname". The correct "IP or Nickname" is only shown after selecting "USB", and then re-selecting "IP".

    2) The same is true for the input field of the RTT group. You have to select "Auto", and "Address" again, before the field is visible.

    3) When switching between "Address" and "Search Range", it seems that the same variable is shared for both settings.

    * Click on Address, enter "0x2001c2f4"
    * Click on Search Range, I would expect an empty field, or at least the range that was set last time.
    • 2020-05-01 18_08_20-Recorder Configuration _ SEGGER SystemView V3.12.png

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    1 and 2 are reproducible and will be fixed.

    3: Yes the same variable is used, however this is no bug as a user usually would pick one of the settings and keep it and not switch between configurations often.

    Best regards,
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