[SOLVED] IRQ not getting executed in Segger Embedded Studio for ARM V3.4

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  • [SOLVED] IRQ not getting executed in Segger Embedded Studio for ARM V3.4

    I am using Seggar Embedded Studio for ARM V3.4 and nRF_SDK 12.3.0.

    I am trying to understand interrupts and interrupt handlers.

    The interrupt request for Watchdog timer (i.e. void WDT_IRQHandler(void)) is not getting executed. The control is not going to WDT_IRQHandler.

    I made the following attempts to verify if control was going to the WDT_IRQHandler():-
    1>I tried to switch on the LED
    2>I tried to switch off the LED
    3>Only a printf() statement inside WDT_IRQHandler() (in debug mode)

    The above attempts did not work
    I have defined the following preprocessor definitions:-


    Please let me know if there is some other configuration that is required to be done in seggar. I have attached the main.c and SDK_Config.h files as txt files
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