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    • Image distortion

      I'm working on STemWin544 library using the STM32F767ZI-Nucleo and the 3.97inch 16BIT Module OTM8009A display.
      Everything works fine with some STemWin examples, but the example
      from emWin_Tutorials_SRC DIALOG_MenuStructure.c shows the graphics with the expressions like this:

      When setting up a definition like this, #define GUI_SUPPORT_MEMDEV (0) displays graphics without distortion.
      I conclude, since the STM32F767ZI-Nucleo has only internal memory,
      then #define GUI_SUPPORT_MEMDEV should have a definition of 0
      Tell me, am I right or not?
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    • Hi,

      GUI_SUPPORT_MEMDEV simply tells the compiler if code for memory devices should be included. But since you are using a precompiled library, that define has no influence on whether or not memory devices are included by the compiler.

      Anyhow, the distorted graphics are most likely caused by an incorrect emWin configuration, instead of memory devices. Unfortunately, there is no ready-to-use LCDConf.c I can send to you. But instead, could you send me the following files from your project:
      • GUIConf.c
      • GUIConf.h
      • LCDConf.c
      • LCDConf.h
      Thanks and best regards,