[SOLVED] SystemView RTT interface via serial missing UART hardware interface

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  • [SOLVED] SystemView RTT interface via serial missing UART hardware interface

    Trying to get SystemView to work using RTT and UART.

    Using MPLAB with Harmony on ATSAMD21(Cortex-M0+)/ATSAME54(Cortex-M4F) and uCOS-III RTOS. Have added the latest SystemView source from SEGGER
    Trying to replace Micrium uC-Probe with SystemView to monitor Tasks and other RTOS resources and blocking.

    Cannot find documentation on how to link SystemView RTT to the UART hardware. Any ideas where to look.

    I see that SEGGER_RTT.c has :

    I presume this can be called from my USART Receive IRQ handler to store data received from the host.

    I presume I can call this from my USART Transmit IRQ handler to transmit the next byte of data from the ring buffer to the host, or disable DRE interrupts if no data is available.

    BUT where is the link to transfer the first transmit byte to the UART and enable the TX(DRE) interrupts?
    I need to allow SEGGER_RTT to call a hardware routine that sends the first data byte to the UART and sets the DRE interrupts for subsequent data to be sent.
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    An example UART implementation can be found here:

    Best regards,
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