linker ignore "last section" instruction

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    • linker ignore "last section" instruction


      New problem wtih .icf file. I use "last section" instruction to place the one section at the end of liste of sections.

      This instruction place the code at the end of list but the .segger.* section is always after.

      Source Code: Flash.icf

      1. define section .aes_block_padding with alignment=16 {};
      2. place in FLASH with fixed order { section .init, section .init.*, // Init code section
      3. section .init_rodata, section .init_rodata.*, // Init read-only section
      4. section .text, section .text.*, // Code section
      5. section .rodata, section .rodata.*, // Read-only data section
      6. section .segger.*, // Auto-generated initialization
      7. block exidx, // ARM exception unwinding block
      8. block ctors, // Constructors block
      9. block dtors, // Destructors block
      10. last section .block_padding
      11. };
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      I wanted to get around th problem encountered in this thread…ent-is-ignored-by-linker/.

      I just need my elf file to be 16 bytes aligned but it seems impossible.

      Thank you for your replys.
      Hardware and Software Developer.
    • Hello,

      Does the solution in the other thread help?
      Could you provide your complete linker script and the name of the target device you are using it on so we see the complete picture?

      Best regards,
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