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    • TTF FONT SIZE problem

      Hello,I use emwin V5.48 in Novoton N9H20 MCU with 480x800 LCD.

      Use GUI_TTF_CreateFontAA to create 1 font size.

      It works when the font size is set to 170 or less.

      If the font size exceeds 170, it will not be displayed on the screen.
      - Even if the font size exceeds 170, the return value of the GUI_TTF_CreateFontAA function succeeds.

      What is the largest font size available in TTF?

      Please help me solve the problem.

      example code

      unsigned ttf_aHeight[1] = {170};
      GUI_TTF_CS ttf_aCS[1];
      GUI_FONT ttf_aFont[1];

      ttf_aCS[0].PixelHeight = ttf_aHeight[0];
      ttf_aCS[0].pTTF = &TTF_Data;
      result = GUI_TTF_CreateFontAA(&ttf_aFont[0], &ttf_aCS[0]);

      Thanks a lots