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    • Prompt screen


      I wanted to design a prompt screen same as attached image. The requirement is when the pop up screen comes up, the background operations on the background screens should not hamper.

      Is it possible to fulfill the above requirement and implement popup screen using emwin?

      If you have example code on pop up screen, could you please share it?

      • prompt.png

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    • Hello,

      As mentioned in the image, I wanted to design prompt screen attached previously.

      I was trying to design and blur the background screen but I am unable to do this.

      I have created two text boxes and two buttons separately. Could you please let me know how to blur background image and show prompt screen without affecting background operations.

    • Thanks Florian,

      I have gone through the routines mentioned in the previous post.

      GUI_MEMDEV_BlendWinBk(WM_HWIN hWin, int Period, U32 BlendColor, U8 BlendIntens)
      GUI_MEMDEV_BlurAndBlendWinBk(WM_HWIN hWin, int Period, U8 BlurDepth, U32 BlendColor, U8 BlendIntens)
      GUI_MEMDEV_BlurWinBk(WM_HWIN hWin, int Period, U8 BlurDepth)

      In the above routines, it took "period" amount of time in ms to achieve the expected blur/blend effect. Once it reached to BlurDepth/BlendIntens limit, then automatically the original background image comes out.

      I don't want to change the blur/blend effect slowly, it should immediately matched to BlendIntens/BlurDepth. And the blur effect on background screen should not disappear till the prompt screen present on the screen. When I click button on the prompt screen then the prompt screen will go out and the original background screen(without blur effect) should come back.

      In this implementation, the functionalities running on the background screen should not hamper.

      Could you please tell me how to do this?

      In addition to previous routines, could you please share example codes for following routines?



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