Sitronix ST7789V graphics controller through SPI.

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    • Sitronix ST7789V graphics controller through SPI.

      Back on Feb. t, 2019 gtoner asked about using SPI bus to interface with an ili9341 graphics chip. I am trying to do the same thing but with a Sitronix ST7789V graphics controller chip. Sven replied that it was relatively easy, all you had to do was implement SPI versions for the following functions:


      I am just a tad confused, though. There are a lot more functions like these in the GUI_PORT_API structure. Do I ONLY have to implement these, or do I really need to provide an SPI version for EVERY function listed in the GUI_PORT_API structure?


      Ed H.
    • You said "It depends on the interface type". I do not understand this comment. It is the same interface type as the ili9341 IC - an SPI interface. So again, for an SPI interface, do I only have to implement the 8-bit functions you first mentioned, or also the 16 and 32 bit versions?

      Thanks again,

      Ed H.