Bitmap Converter / vendor license

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    • Bitmap Converter / vendor license

      I am using the emWin library provided by Cypress for use with their MCUs. I will probably need to used the Bitmap Converter utility to package some png files.

      I looked around in the bundle provided by Cypress and can't find it. Is it hidden in there somewhere or is my company going to have to purchase one of the emWin upgrade packages?


      Ed H.
    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, I can not say what exactly Cypress does ship to their customers.

      If you purchase the Source Code Upgrade of emWin (with a special discount) you will have access to the full version of the Bitmap and of course to the source code of emWin.…win/emwin-source-upgrade/

      You can check out the Bitmap Converter Demo, it has no functional limitation, but you are not allowed to use it in a comercial product.