[SOLVED] SEGGER J-Link GDB vs J-Flash: flashing differently

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  • [SOLVED] SEGGER J-Link GDB vs J-Flash: flashing differently

    1) SEGGER J-Link GDB Server takes an elf file and flashes the target device.
    2) J-Flash takes a hex file generated from the elf file and flashes the target device.

    J-Flash verifies the (1) scenario as a different checksum than if it were to flash the hex file itself. Similarly, GDB will compare and reflash if the J-Flash hex file (2) had been flashed previously.

    How can I find the differences?

    A bit about the hardware platform: It has a bootloader and application binaries. The application has access to the SDRAM and NOR flash expansions. The init for NORFLASH has been scripted for both GDB and J-Flash.

  • Hi Joe,
    firstly, the J-Link GDB Server serves another purpose as J-Flash.
    J-Flash is a production utility for the J-Link and the J-Link GDB Server is an interface between a GDB client and the J-Link.

    If you want a little deeper view on what is happening, you can create and compare the J-Link log files for both applications.
    How to enable:

    Does this answer your question?

    Best regards,
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