[ABANDONED] Cannot Download to STM32L051K8 - maybe reset strategy?

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  • [ABANDONED] Cannot Download to STM32L051K8 - maybe reset strategy?


    i have a problem with a custom board with STM32L051K8 on it. I cannot Download code with Segger Embedded Studio.
    Maybe it needs a different Reset Type setting. Is it possible to change it in Segger Embedded Studio?

    I have tried to change in J-Link debugger settings in "Additional J-Link Options". It does not work but i am not sure about the syntax.

  • Hello Phillip,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Why would the default reset strategy not work on a normal Cortex-M target device? What error message do you get?
    Could you provide a J-Link log of such a session?

    Does connecting to the target device and downloading your application using J-Link Commander work?
    Could you provide a screenshot of such a session?

    If this does not work as well check you debug interface, if everything is connected properly. Is the reset pin connected? Do you read 3.3V on VTref?

    Best regards,
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