Indirect sample interfaces

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    • Indirect sample interfaces

      Hi could someone point me to where Ican find the samples referred to in the emWin user guide for indirectaddressing?
      Specifically for the i2c bus version (LCD_X_I2CBUS.c).

    • Hi,

      unfortunately I cannot offer you any kind of sample. To send and read data to/from the LCD controller, you have to set the function pointers in the structure GUI_PORT_API with routines that send a command (pfWrite8_A0), send one byte (pfWrite8_A1), write multiple bytes (pfWriteM8_A1), read one byte (pfRead8_A1) and read multiple bytes (pfReadM8_A1). Depending on the controller, the 16-bit/32-bit access routines have to be used instead.

      Best regards,