PROGBAR missing in AppWizard?

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    • PROGBAR missing in AppWizard?

      i'm in the progress of migrating a manually created (by code) UI to AppWizard for future additions.
      I'm wondering what happened to the PROGBAR though? I can't find it in the AppWizard UI / User Manual.

      Is there a specific reason about that? What is the supposed way to create a progress tracking widget then?

      Thanks in advance
    • Hi,

      the PROGBAR widget has not (yet) been added to the AppWizard. However, it is possible to add any emWin widgets to AppWizard applications.

      To do that, export the code of the AppWizard project and go to the slot routine file located in the project directory under \Source\CustomCode\ID_SCREEN_<ID>_Slots.c. This file contains the screen callback and you can create a new widget for that screen in the WM_INIT_DIALOG case.

      There is an example in the manual under "8.2 Screen callback routines" (see the example).

      Best regards,