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  • [SOLVED] SES for ARM


    I am using SES for ARM version 3.50. The target is a Nordic 52832.

    I can set a breakpoint in the source window and when it occurs the yellow pointer is in the disassembly pane. If I single step, the debuggers does one assembler statement at a time. Last week the yellow pointer was in the source pane and single stepping did one C statement at a time. Any idea what I could have changed?


  • Hello James,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    This usually happens if the c source file path changes on the file system so Embedded Studio can't reference it anymore in the debugger.
    Try to do a rebuild, then all paths should be fixed. If this does not work check your source files in your project explorer and see if they are all still in the paths that are set there.

    Best regards,
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