How to properly display background content

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    • How to properly display background content

      Hello everyone

      I'm currently working with emWim to implement a GUI for a signal generator. The GUI consists of several windows and some buttons at the bottom of the screen to switch between the windows (like register tabs). These buttons basically make up my "menu" for navigating through the GUI.
      However in some windows there are too many settings to be displayed on the screen such that I need to hide the Menu.
      Now the buttons are all created in the main window, from this window also the seperate windows are created as childs. However when I now hide all the buttons, this is done in the callback of the main window the content which should be displayed instead of the buttons (content from some other window, "behind" the menu bar) isn't displayed, instead the space is just filled with the background colour.

      I read already the chapter 18.2 'Callback mechanism, invalidation, rendering andkeyboard input' of the manual and tried several approaches including the use of WM_SetHasTrans() or WM_BringToTop() but until now I didn't achieved the desired behaviour.
      I would be very happy to get some help from you guys.

      Kind regards
    • Hi,

      I can't exactly picture what is happening on your screen, it sounds like something is wrong in your window structure.

      The MULTIPAGE widget could be useful for your application. It is basically a window with multiple child windows that can be navigated to via tabs (buttons essentially).

      I have attached a sample for you that explains how to use this widget. I hope this helps.

      Best regards,