[SOLVED] About open flashloader relase build options and entry point?

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  • [SOLVED] About open flashloader relase build options and entry point?

    Hello segger,

    I recently work on customizing open flash loader for our development on STM32L4R9ZI.

    From your wiki, we can get an idea how to implement the functions labeled as mandatory, and optional.
    But We does not have a clue that how to optimize the elf size.
    We don't know to make JFlash load flash algo elf, what the mandatory rules we must obey.

    We are now working to minimize the flash algo elf size, like options below:

    0. Code > Linker > Strip Symbols
    1. Code > Linker > Strip Debug Information
    2. Code > Build > Include Debug Information
    3. Code > Build > Enable Unused Symbol Removal
    4. Code > Code Generation > Debugging Level
    5. Code > Code Generation > Optimization Level
    6. Code > Library > Include Standard Libraries

    BTW, for release Build, how to set Code > Linker > Entry Point ?

    After some changes in Build options, we've get Error while loading flash algo elf,path/xx/xxxx.elf
    what's the reason that cause the issue above?
    What should we do?

    From Devices\ST\STM32L4\ST_STM32L4R9I_Disco_QSPI.elf, after fromelf.exe, and arm-none-eabi- toolsuite,
    we found that even your ST_STM32L4R9I_Disco_QSPI.elf also include some debug infos.

    What coud we do here for our requirement please?
    Thank you in advance.
  • Hi,
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    For size reduction we recommend implementing your flash loader bare metal (do not use libraries, HAL, or similar).
    Usually a flash loader should not be bigger then a couple of kB.

    If it is bigger you probably have some unnecessary code in it.

    To eliminate symbols and such is not the recommended way, because some symbols are needed for the flashloader to work.

    Please refer to the Open Flashloader wiki article if you want to learn more. There, you can find all information that is necessary to create a working flash loader, since we create our flash loaders with this information as well:

    Best regards,
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