Indexing fails sometimes

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    • Indexing fails sometimes

      Hi I am using the NRF Connect version of SES. I am using it primarily on a Linux VM. I have an issue where the indexing fails sometimes. I work on different branches of a project and I think the indexing fails when I work on branches that have a larger code base. My working theory is that there is some max number of things that can be indexed and I am maxing out, but who knows.

      On a branch that will not index here is what happens. I open segger, the green bar moves over the word indexing. Around the d in indexing the green par stops for a while. Then it continues to completion. Some symbols show up in the source navigator, but no intelligent hits pop up while I type, nor can "go to definition" or "go to declaration". If I click refresh at this point, the indexing par completes super fast, and all the symbols go away. If I open the system monitor while the original indexing is happening, I see the system memory go up and up and up while the indexing green bar is stuck at the d. Then if my system runs out of memory, the indexing process closes and that is when the green bar completes. If I raise the RAM of my VM, the indexing process eventually allocates 2GB of memory and stays frozen for ever. The process is not killed, and indexing never completes. I was using version 4.30 but I just updated to the latest version 4.42a.

      Like I said some git branches of the project I work on don't have this issue but I think they are smaller code bases. But its possible there is some other setting that is having an effect.

      Any thoughts? Let me know if there is any information I can provide that would be helpful to diagnose, and I will give you what I can.
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      If I understand you correctly indexing fails if the host system runs out of memory? If yes we will try to improve the detection here, but there is not much more that we can do here as the indexer memory usage scales directly with the complexity of the repository.

      Is the git repository you mention a public one that we could use for reproduction? If yes could you provide a link to it?

      Best regards,
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