How to create .gdb file for debugging?

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  • How to create .gdb file for debugging?


    I am using eclipse for debugging my application on Atmel ARM AT91SAM7X256 with SEGGER SAM-ICE Jtag debugger and J-link.

    I have used the link for starting debug
    This link gives the demo program which they have used for debug.
    The demo program has .gdb file which is needed for debugging.

    Can anybody tell me how do I create a .gdb file for my application?

    Mangesh Kathale.
  • Hi Mangesh,

    the content of your .gdb file depends on what you want to do in your debug session.
    The J-Link software and documentation package comes with some sample projects in order to get an impression how to work with GDB + GDB Server.
    The sample projects can be found at $JLINK_INST_DIR$\Samples\GDB\Projects
    These projects also come with gdb init files.

    To get more information about what can be done in gdb init files, please have a look into UM08005, chapter "Debugging with GDB"

    Best regards