[SOLVED] unresolved reference with STM32CubeIDE ( Eclipse based IDE)

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  • [SOLVED] unresolved reference with STM32CubeIDE ( Eclipse based IDE)


    I am trying to get FreeRTOS v 10.0.1 to run with SEGGER SystemView v3.1. I have copied and implemented the source and header files according to the SEGGER manual. Sadly I get an unresolved reference error with the SEGGER_RTT_ASM_WriteSkipNoLock() function although I have added the new folders to my include paths. As I have searched the internet for possible solutions, I am stumbled over the "improper linking". So that I need to do a manual linking of the new source files?
    I tried to set the new folders as a library linking path but then get an -lC error where my console tells me the path is not found. I think I am doing here something really wrong and would appreciate some help, as I think this might be a very simple fault on my side.

  • Hello Benjamin,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Please understand that STM32CubeIDE is not a SEGGER product so we can't provide assistance in the setup of generic build projects.
    We recommend contacting ST support in this regard as this is a generic IDE question and is not related to SystemView.

    Best regards,
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