[SOLVED] Programming ID-CODE protection in RENESAS microcontroller in stand-alone mode

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  • [SOLVED] Programming ID-CODE protection in RENESAS microcontroller in stand-alone mode

    I'm using an S3A6 microcontroller from RENESAS, JFLASH software (v 6.62) and FLASHER PORTABLE PLUS. I'm trying to program the ID-CODE protection that is stored at address 0x1010018.

    When programming in J-LINK mode (Target -> Production programming F7), the entire code is downloaded correctly and the PCB works well. From that point on, whenever I want to program/erase the S3A6, J-FLASH shows the expected "ID Code verification" window.

    The problem comes when I try to do the same in Stand-alone mode (the microcontroller memory has been completely cleared before). I go to "File -> Download config & data file to Flasher" to update the FLASHER PORTABLE internal memory.Then, I push the FLASHER PROG button, but the FLASHER shows the next error: #ERR255: Error while flashing.

    Why doesn't the FLASHER PORTABLE PLUS work this way?

    Note: The FLASHER PORTABLE PLUS works well in stand-alone mode when I don't include the ID-CODE.

    • Flasher error 255.jpg

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    • ID code address 0x1010018.png

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