[SOLVED] Flasher STM8 - Programming Self-Powered Device

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  • [SOLVED] Flasher STM8 - Programming Self-Powered Device

    I want to program a device using a Flasher STM8 over the SWIM interface that may already be powered.

    1. How do I handle connecting the two power supplies?

    2. Will shorting the two power supplies together cause problems?

    3. Must the Flasher's +5V be connected to the target's +5V? ...To sense the supply voltage for example.
  • Answered via mail.

    Flasher stand-alone power supply in the project settings was enabled by the customer by accident.

    Additional information:
    The project settings override the Flasher default state (that is what you set with power on/off perm).

    Please also note that if power is enabled from your project, the power gets enabled during the stand-alone
    operation and is disabled at the end of the stand-alone operation. The Flasher does not return to its default state.

    Best regards,
    Oliver Olligs
    Product Manager