Swipelist transparency

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    • Swipelist transparency

      Can the SWIPELIST widget support a transparent background?

      I have tried:
      (2) WM_SetHasTrans(hItem);
      (3) a custom owner draw function

      emWin 5.38

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    • It seems the only thing that is working for me is upgrading to emWin 5.50g (was 5.38a) and also using an owner draw function like this:

      C Source Code

      1. /* Owner draw function for SWIPELIST style */
      2. int _SwipelistOwnerDraw(const WIDGET_ITEM_DRAW_INFO * pDrawItemInfo)
      3. {
      4. switch (pDrawItemInfo->Cmd)
      5. {
      7. // Transparent background - do nothing
      8. break;
      9. default:
      10. return SWIPELIST_OwnerDraw(pDrawItemInfo);
      11. }
      12. return 0;
      13. }
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      Note I am using the NXP compiled library so perhaps there is a difference from the standard/full emWin version.

    • Hi,

      I wasn't aware about the version you are using, I used the latest version (V6.10f) to test this. But I'm happy to hear that it's working for you now.

      By the way, the precompiled libraries from vendors like NXP use the same source code as standard emWin.

      Best regards,

    • On topic with original thread... Can we use WIDGET_ITEM_DRAW_OVERLAY in a custom owner draw function with the SWIPELIST widget? I have used it successfully on a LISTWHEEL, but it does not seem to work on the SWIPELIST.
    • Hi,

      the command WIDGET_ITEM_DRAW_OVERLAY only gets sent to LISTWHEEL widgets. As stated in the manual, only the following commands get sent to an OwnerDraw routine of a SWIPELIST:


      This is because the SWIPELIST widget does not have that specific overlay unlike the LISTWHEEL. If you want to draw something like an overlay, it makes more sense to use an overwritten callback to draw freely instead of using an OwnerDraw routine.

      Best regards,