[SOLVED] What makes something J-Link compatible?

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  • [SOLVED] What makes something J-Link compatible?


    I recently sent an email into Segger support and Axel was kind enough to help answer some questions.

    Basically I was interested in using the J-Link EDU and Segger SDK to debug a Cyclone V SOC board(DE-10 nano by Terrasic) in baremetal mode. Unfortunately a completely satisfactory resolution wasn't reached and I continued to look further online to see if anyone else had used a J-Link and Segger SDK to debug the board.

    I found someone was using a J-Link and Segger SDK to debug a DE-1 SOC(a similar board made by the same company).


    In general is there a way to tell if your Jlink and SDK will work with a development board?

    Practically speaking I understand neither are much money so I could always buy the boards and test it but as a student on a limited budget I do my best to try to ensure what I am purchasing will work beforehand.

    I also thank Segger for selling a low-cost JTag debugger for EDU purposes and allow free use of their SDK for EDU purposes. Altera wants me to pay 1k for access bare-metal debugging which is prohibitive for students/hobbyists.
  • Hi,
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    If you are unsure whether a specific device is supported or not, please refer to this list here:

    It contains all devices supported by J-Link.

    Best regards,
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