[SOLVED] Jlink read out register of CC1352R1F3

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  • [SOLVED] Jlink read out register of CC1352R1F3

    i want to read out the CC26_CCFG_MMAP1 registers of the TI CC11352R1F3. There are four entries for the MAC addresses which i want to read out. As described in the swcu185d.pdf from TI, the registers are at the offsets
    1FC8h --> IEEE_MAC_0 IEEE MAC Address 0
    1FCCh --> IEEE_MAC_1 IEEE MAC Address 1
    1FD0h --> IEEE_BLE_0 IEEE BLE Address 0
    1FD4h --> IEEE_BLE_1 IEEE BLE Address 0
    I use Jlink with jlink.exe, i can connect via JTAG and read out some memory with mem8. Is it possible to read out the registers as well? Where do i find the base addresss which is related to the offset? aApparently I'm too stupid to find out...

    Thanks a lot
  • Hi,
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    There should be no issues with reading the registers with J-Link + J-Link Commander.

    The base address should be mentioned somewhere in the PDF you are using (memory map, register category).
    If you cannot find it, please contact TI support about this.

    Best regards,
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