delay in touch detection

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    • delay in touch detection

      hellow guys
      i have a stm32f103ve microcontroller with 72mhz maximum frequency and a 7inch tft lcd with a gt911 touch ic driver. i write three function for touch ic that iam sure this function work properly. one function for recognize detection and two functions for get the x and y cordinations. for connecting my functions to emwin and use propertis like button and checkbox i add touchscreen file in section input device in section manage runtime environment in keil and chane the file for my can see gui_x_touch.c file of my project in attachment. i guess the function GUI_TOUCH_Exec function in this file is a osTimerThread and its running parallel with main.but my problem is it is too slow. when i use my three function whitout emwin the speed of detection is good but when putting up this functions in this thread speed of detection gone slow. i guess for fixing this problem i should (some how) make it faster the switch between threads but i dont know how to do it. in configuration wizard of rtx_conf_cm.c file i set rtos kernel timer input clock frequency to 72000000 and rtx timer tick interval value to 5000 and i play with this two parameter for better performance but there isnt any good rezult. please help me . what should i do for better performance.

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    • Seems like you have mostly an OS config issue. You are using RTX RTOS? I don't have experience with that, but I expect you may need to adjust priorities and timing between touch and LCD/graphics threads. If you have available RAM I also highly suggest you look into using multiple buffering with emWin.