2D Graphic Library and v 5.44

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    • 2D Graphic Library and v 5.44


      I have an existing project that worked great on v 5.40 (STM32H7 chip). Half of my code uses the 2D API calls to draw some controls that
      need very fast repaint, while the other half uses the Window Manager to implement settings menu. I started porting my code to another
      chip and the new LCD driver uses v 5.44 of the emWin library. All WM functions work as before, but the 2D APIs don't seem to work any
      more. Basically you have very small amount of time after bootup to draw the screen and after that the library will stop refreshing the
      screen. I am monitoring all video related IRQs and the driver is still alive, it just that the lib will ignore any calls.

      At first i have tried to find problems with my code, and then decided to use bare example code and factory EVAL board. It happens
      with all examples.

      I couldn't see anything in the release notes or the pdf that suggests extra init needed for the new version. Any help please ? Thank you!