[SOLVED] Embedded Studio for ARM v4.42 issues on macOS

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  • [SOLVED] Embedded Studio for ARM v4.42 issues on macOS


    I'm evaluating SES for ARM v4.42 on macOS Mojave (10.14.6) and run into several issues.

    #1 Using the built-in GCC compiler and the building is EXTREMELY SLOW, average speed is 1 target/sec or less! Tried on multiple threads with auto or manually set threads count, doesn't help.
    Using the STM32CubeIDE with the built-in compiler (GNU tools for STM32 7-2018-q2-update) is much much faster, so this problem is not related to computer performance or OS problem.

    #2 The menu item Debug / Debug with Ozone is broken, does nothing, regardless that the Ozone app path is correctly set.

    #3 The context menu item External Editor in the Project Explorer is also broken, does nothing, regardless that the External Editor path is correctly set.

    #4 In the Project Explorer when right clicking on an item (solution / project / folder or file) the context menu appears, but very often a sudden automatic left click hits the topmost menu item (which is Options.. for me). Very annoying.

    #5 When selecting external GNU compiler and the Code / GCC Compiler settings appears, there is a bug: C Language Standard and C++ Language Standard options are switched with each other, the list of C++ option values appears next to C one, and vica versa.

    Thanks in advance!
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