[SOLVED] XMC Link Firmware update locked out non-Infineon controllers

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  • [SOLVED] XMC Link Firmware update locked out non-Infineon controllers


    when I bought my XMC-Link (a tiny isolated J-Link available for ~100EUR), I was able to use it with any controller.

    Now I switched my PC, loaded the current V6.62a Segger drivers, followed the firmware update offer and... It "killed" my XMC-Link:

    JLink.exe now tells me that my XMC-Link may be used only with XMC controllers and refuses to work with an STM32.

    To put it mildly, I'm not very happy about this action.

    IMNSHO, you must not render my existing and paid hardware unusable. Without a warning.

    What is the latest driver version not containing this restricted firmware?
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    The XMC-Link may only be used with Infineon target devices.
    Any other use with other vendors is a license violation and prohibited.
    Should it had worked at some point with other vendors this was not intended and is still a license violation.

    If you require a J-Link that can debug and flash all supported target devices we recommend purchasing at least a J-Link Base.https://www.segger.com/products/debug-probes/j-link/models/model-overview/
    This thread will be closed now.

    Best regards,
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