Feature Request RTT: SEGGER_RTT_TerminalOutBuffer()

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    • Feature Request RTT: SEGGER_RTT_TerminalOutBuffer()


      The current RTT APIs provide a SEGGER_RTT_TerminalOut() function. That function requires a null-terminated string.

      The current debug logging APIs have a function of the following form:
      size_t write(const char * buffer, size_t size);

      Would it be possible to add a SEGGER_RTT_TerminalOutBuffer() function?

      Here's a draft diff based on RTT version 6.60d:\

      In combination with the implementation of SEGGER_RTT_Peek() (requested earlier), these two functions would simplify drop-in replacement use of RTT.

      Thank you for considering this simple proposal.


      [edit: for avoidance of doubt, the changes in both those diffs is given to the public domain]