Analog status LED on display

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    • Analog status LED on display


      I am trying to create an interface module for control of various analog controllers. In order to show the status, I would like to use an analog of an LED of various colors. Red - Error, Green - OK
      Which library function would you recommend. These LEDs should be placed within framewindow/window

      The second question - using Timer with multipage. If timer was started on 1-st page for acquiring ADC but I switch to 2-nd page. Existing timer still active this time or not?

      Thanks in advance


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    • Hi Evgeni,

      there are many ways to realize such a GUI you are describing. You could e.g. use different bitmaps to display the LED status or draw the LEDs yourself. You'll find lots of routines in the "2-D Graphic Library" chapter in the emWin manual for drawing.

      To answer your second question: yes, the timers will still be active. Timers are paired to a window and stay active as long as that window doesn't get deleted (or the timer runs out, of course). (There are also timers that are independent from windows but I don't want to go into detail too much...)

      To learn about emWin's features and to get started, you should read the material located in the "Doc" folder located in your shipment. Namely emWin_Training.pdf and the manual. There are many samples to various topics located under "Doc\Training". The manual also includes small code samples for many routines.

      Best regards,