[CLOSED] Flasher Portable Plus needs two attempts to fully program a Renesas microcontroller

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  • [CLOSED] Flasher Portable Plus needs two attempts to fully program a Renesas microcontroller

    I'm using an S3A6 microcontroller from RENESAS, JFLASH software (v 6.62) and FLASHER PORTABLE PLUS.
    My program has two different ".srec" files:
    1) Program Code starting at 0xA000.
    2) Bootloader code starting at address 0x0000

    First, I open Program Code with JFlash software. Then, I use the option "File --> Merge data file" from JFlash to merge Program Code with Bootloader.

    When I use this merge with JFlash and J-LINK mode to burn the S3A6, the PCB works well at first.

    However, when I download the merge to the flasher's memory (using "File --> Download config & data file to Flasher") and then try to burn the microcontroller in stand-alone mode using PROG button, it doesn't work at first. If I push PROG button one more time, the PCB starts to work well.

    The option "... Read Back --> Entire Chip" reveals that the first time I used PROG button, the flasher only programmed the Bootloader section. The second time, the flasher programmed the Program Code section correctly.

    Why is this happening? How can I program the entire chip in one go?

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  • Hi Arne,
    yes, there is a gap between the two sections.

    * Bootloader section --> [0x0000 - 0x9FFF]
    # Bootloader code goes from 0x0000 to 0x5518.
    # Gap (JFlash shows symbol "--") goes from 0x5519 to 0x9FFF

    * Program code section --> [0xA000 - 0x25000]
    # Code goes from 0xA000 to 0x1F790
    # Gap (JFlash shows symbol "--") goes from 0x1F791 to 0x25000

    * Data flash section --> [0x40100000 - 40102000]

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